Download purchased videos to Kindle Fire then play off-line

"On the kindle fire, can you purchase and download movies to keep or are they strictly rental only ?"             from Yahoo answer

Since many friends received their new Fire, they have many questions on how to download videos to Kindle Fire device. For rent or purchased videos, for non-purchased videos they have mainly questions as following:
Can both rental and purchased videos to be download to Kindle Fire Device?
Can I download videos to Fire and watch it off-line?
Can Prime video to be download to Fire also?

1. What kind of videos can be downloaded to Kindle Fire Device?
Both rental and purchased videos can be downloaded to the Kindle Fire, rental videos you choose to download and view off-line can be viewed and stored according to the rental terms listed on the video's product detail page, which means the rental ones will expire after a certain amount of time. And the purchased ones can be downloaded to device without time limitation. But for prime instant videos, are not available for download, you can only tap Watch Now for instant playback while connected to Wi-Fi.

2. How to download videos to Kindle Fire? (Rental or purchased ones)

To download a video from Your Video Library:
Visit Your Video Library at
Sign in to your account if prompted.
Click on the video you want to download.
Click "Download" to reveal the list of available download locations and copies of your video.
Choose the device (PC, TiVo, etc.) you wish to receive the video download and click the Download Now button.

3. How to download non-purchased videos to Kindle Fire: (Via USB)
Take play mp4 on my Kindle Fire as example, but not flv.
Step 1, you copy the mp4 file to Kindle Fire folder called "Video" using a cable (I use my BW Kindle cable).
Step 2, Disconnect with the pc. Click Apps tab.
Step 3, click Gallery . You will see the video.

4. How to play your own movies like DVD, AVI, MKV, MPEG, iTunes movies on Kindle Fire?
You can transfer the movies to Amazon Cloud from your PC, but soon you will find even the movies are on Cloud library, but you still can't find it, let alone open it, play it. Because the movies are Kindle Fire Mp4 won't appear in the Cloud even you force it to enter Cloud. Then what you can do is use professional Video to Kindle Fire Mp4 Converter for Mac to transfer the iTunes movies, DVD, AVI, FLV, F4V, MKV, MPEG to Kindle Fire Mp4 and then copy it to Kindle Fire Video Folder and use Gallery app to play it.

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Here is the easy guide on transfer non-purchased Video to Kindle Fire Mp4 on Mac: (Lion included):
Step 1: Add movie from your Mac Book or laptop Hard Drive . Click "Add File" to import movies to the converter.
add videos
Step 2: Set Kindle Fire Mp4.
Kindle Fire Mp4
Set recommend 720p for Kindle Fire
kindle 720p 
Step 3: Video to Kindle Fire Conversion.
Click "Start" button to begin convert video to Kindle Fire Mp4. You can free download to have a try from the following URL. 

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