How to register on Kindle Fire

"I got a kindle as a gift. As soon as I unpacked it and turned on, all good, after the second tuning on, its not working, I didnt even register it, Any help?"             amazon kindle forum
This problem has confused many Kindle users so it is meaning to give a bright answer here.
Firstly you can do this:
connect your Kindle wirelessly through your home Wi-Fi network, or places that offer Wi-Fi access, such as a hote, McDonalds, Panera Bread, Starbucks etc.
Tap the Quick Settings icon.
Tap the More icon.
Tap My Account.
Tap the Register button and enter the e-mail address and password of your Amazon account. Tap the symbol keyboard button to switch to the numbers and symbols keyboard. Tap the shift key to switch to the uppercase character keyboard. Tap the box next to Show password to display your password as you type.
Tap the Register button when finished.
If you don't already have an Amazon account, tap the Create an account link, or visit on your computer to create one.
Note: When registering your Kindle Fire, you may see a "deregister" instead of "register" option. This means your Kindle Fire is already registered to another account. This may happen if you received your new Kindle Fire as a gift. Select "deregister" to register your Kindle Fire to your Amazon account instead.

Advices for other problem:
If you loss your Wifi password:
One solution might be to do a hard reset on your wireless router to restore it to factory settings. Then you would go through setting it up again. On older routers that is a lot of work.
It took a call to CS to get it registered.
Login to your regular account and if it says Hello, and no name shows up then call CS and have them add your name to your account and it worked.

After you successfully registered the Kindle Fire, and set up your 1-Click payment method so you can search and shop for books, movies, music, apps, and more.
To play videos on Kindle Fire is vital part of Kindle, if you want to see you own movies (non-purchased), you can transfer the movies to Amazon Cloud from your PC, but soon you will find even the movies are on Cloud library, but you still can't find it, let alone open it, play it. Because the movies are Kindle Fire Mp4 won't appear in the Cloud even you force it to enter Cloud. Then what you can do is use professional Video to Kindle Fire Mp4 Converter for Mac to transfer the iTunes movies, DVD, AVI, FLV, F4V, MKV, MPEG to Kindle Fire Mp4 and then copy it to Kindle Fire Video Folder and use Gallery app to play it.

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Here is the easy guide on play Video on Kindle Fire and convert video to Kindle Fire Mp4 on Mac: (Lion included)
Step 1: Add movie from your Mac Book or laptop Hard Drive . Click "Add File" to import movies to the converter.
add video
Step 2: Set Kindle Fire Mp4.
kindle fire mp4
Set recommend 720p for Kindle Fire by clicking "Setting"

Step 3: Click "Start" button to begin convert video to Kindle Fire Mp4.You can free download to have a try from the following URL.

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After conversion do the following:
Step 1, you copy the converted mp4 file to Kindle Fire folder called "Video" using a cable (I use my BW Kindle cable).
Step 2, Disconnect with the pc. Click Apps tab.
Step 3, click Gallery . You will see the video.


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