Register Kindle account on iPad

Since Kindle Fire's selling well on the market, Kindle Content is well known to more people, and iPad users are glad to share and use some resources on iPad, but there are some problem make iPad users confusion:
1. "I purchased an iPad last night and the first thing I wanted to do was read a book on. I downloaded the Kindle app and selected a book to buy, however the only place I could download it to was my iPhone. I tried to add my iPad to my Amazon account, however they was not option for that device. I have no clue of and easy way to get the book to my iPad. I did try achieving the book, but it still will not show in my iPad kindle page.     Thanks for any help."

And the correct answer from discuss apple is:
1. "Did you "activate" or maybe it is called "authorize" the application on your iPad?
Actually, from looking at the "Manage My Kindle" site on Amazon, the term is "register", which if you had accessed the Kindle store using the app on your iPad, then you were already registered."
2. Another situation is:
"The Kindle application that I use to read my Kindle books on the Mac is no longer working under Lion. It can't synchronize for some reason."  from apple discussion 
The solution should be:
Uninstall the  Kindle App.
Go to your /Library/Application Support/ and delete the Kindle folder. 
Then go to /Library/Prefrences/ and find the "" and ""  files and delete those.
Redownload fresh copy of the Kindle App and try to login again.

This is answer so far has been tested to work, if you can't solve this problem, please go to discuss apple to ask for more info.
And another problem friends cared is how to get personal video files to Kindle for off-line playing, and this solution for this is much easier than the iPad one.

To play videos on Kindle Fire is vital part of Kindle Fire, if you want to see you own movies (non-purchased), you can transfer the movies to Amazon Cloud from your PC, but soon you will find even the movies are on Cloud library, but you still can't find it, let alone open it, play it. Because the movies are Kindle Fire Mp4 won't appear in the Cloud even you force it to enter Cloud. Then what you can do is use professional Video to Kindle Fire Mp4 Converter for Mac to transfer the iTunes movies, DVD, AVI, FLV, F4V, MKV, MPEG to Kindle Fire Mp4 and then copy it to Kindle Fire Video Folder and use Gallery app to play it.

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Here is the easy guide on play Video on Kindle Fire and convert video to Kindle Fire Mp4 on Mac: (Lion included)
Step 1: Add movie from your Mac Book or laptop Hard Drive . Click "Add File" to import movies to the converter.
add videos 
Step 2: Set Kindle Fire Mp4.
kindle fire mp4
Set recommend 720p for Kindle Fire by click Setting.

Step 3: Click "Start" button to begin convert video to Kindle Fire Mp4.You can free download to have a try from the following URL.

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After conversion do the following:
Step 1, you copy the converted mp4 file to Kindle Fire folder called "Video" using a cable (I use my BW Kindle cable).
Step 2, Disconnect with the pc. Click Apps tab.
Step 3, click Gallery . You will see the video.


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