Facebook app for Kindle Fire

"we are thinking about getting my mom the kindle fire for xmas. she really likes the games on facebook and i am wondering if the kindle fire is able to play these games? plz help!"  From Yahoo answer

After many friends got their Kindle Fire in hands, they find on the display picture, there clearly is a Facebook app running on the Fire, yet they search the app store and don't see it, and the answer is:
Facebook "app" isnt really an app on the kindle fire. Its just a link to the mobile site.

Are Kindle Fire users enable to play game on Kindle Fire?
1. Does Kindle Fire play Facebook games?
"Gonna get my GF a Kindle Fire for Xmas. She loves to play the Xynga games on FB. Does the Fire allow these games to be played on it?
I think so . I tried it in my Kindle Fire and it worked ! Good luck ! Source: My own Kindle Fire"  From Yahoo Answer
2. " Aye. My husband is able to play Castleville and Aventure World on his. He doesn't seem to have any issues doing it and he loves the Kindle Fire!"   from amazon kindle

And you should clear that: Facebook won't be developing an official app for the Kindle Fire. Instead, Amazon is building it. So when you Google Facebook app for Kindle Fire, there is no app in the market both from Android and Amazon.

If you meet more Facebook game like FarmVille, FronterVille, and Zynga Poker etc and so far see no supporting report from Fire users, you will only wait Amazon to create a special App like Netflix, Hulu, as we don't hope Kindle Fire become the second iPhone has playing Facebook game bug.

Another issue, we would mention is except Facebook flash game, YouTube flash video, if you want to play iTunes m4v, web-site MKV, QuickTime MOV, AVI, DV, VOB files to Kindle Fire but not able to copy then to Kindle Fire and play then smoothly, then you should use professional Video to Kindle Fire Converter for Mac which enables you to transfer the iTunes M4V, YouTube F4V, QuickTime MOV, Mp4, MOV, VOB, DVD, AVI, FLV, F4V, MKV, MPEG to Kindle Fire Mp4 and then copy it to Kindle Fire Video Folder and use Gallery app to play it.

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Here is the easy guide on download Video to Kindle Fire for Mac and convert video to Kindle Fire Mp4 on Mac: (Lion included)
Step 1: Add movie from your Mac Book or laptop Hard Drive . Click "Add File" to import movies to the converter.

Step 2: Set Kindle Fire Mp4.
Kindle Fire Mp4
Set recommend 720p for Kindle Fire
kindle fire 720p
Step 3: Click "Start" button to begin convert video to Kindle Fire Mp4.You can free download to have a try from the following URL.

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After conversion do the following:
Step 1, you copy the converted mp4 file to Kindle Fire folder called "Video" using a cable (I use my BW Kindle cable).
Step 2, Disconnect with the pc. Click Apps tab.
Step 3, click Gallery . You will see the video.


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