Stream Kindle Fire Movies to TV by Kindle Fire Video to TV Converter for Mac

Is it possible to connect the Kindle Fire to a TV to stream video from Amazon On Demand? On the bottom edge we can find a microUSB port which you can use to charge the tablet or connect to a computer to transfer files to and from the Kindle Fire. But for TV, this feature is not available on Kindle fire. There is no video output port to TV of any kind on the Fire.

Since Kindle Fire is able to play movies from Netflix, FaceBook, Hulu Plus, Pandora movies by offer special app for this video website, as we know the free movies you get on Prime can only be streamed not downloaded. The only videos that can be downloaded are the ones you buy or rent. The rented ones will expire after a certain amount of time. So after downloaded the valuable movies from Netflix, FaceBook, Hulu Plus, Pandora, we may hope to play the movies on TV, HDTV to best enjoy the splendid and wonderful movies. Here recommend you to use Kindle Fire Video to TV Converter for Mac. To convert your valuable movies from Kindle Fire to TV Mpeg-2, HD Mp4. It enables you watch the movies on TV in HD and get the best quality as the original website movie.

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Tutorial of stream kindle Fire video to TV :(Lion included):

Kindle Fire supports WiFi and ideally it is possible to output the display to bigger external screen by way of wireless display or WiDi. But here we wil use the physical way to connect by a video cable.

Step 1: Add Kindle Fire movie from your PC Hard Drive after you copying your Kindle Fire files to PC. Click "Add File" to import Kindle Fire movie to the converter.

Step 2: Set best output format for "HDTV". "
You can set HD mp4, HD mpeg for TV, HDTV.


Tip: either 1080p or 720p is ok.

Step 3: Click "Start" button to begin convert Kindle Fire Movie to TV. You can define the video save destination to the way you best like by resetting output option.

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Guide on how to copy Kindle Fire Videos to TV for watching.
Firstly, you need to download the movies to your Kindle Fire Download Fires. And then play it in Gallery app so it will appear in your Movies File.
Secondly, connect the Kindle Fire to Computer  via USB, and connect the video files from PC to HDTV.
if the Kindle Fire video downloaded from Netflix, FaceBook, Hulu Plus, Pandora or other flash web sites are not Mp4 format supported by your HDTV, they may be FLV, F4V(FLV), MKV, MOV, AVI, MPEG or other video format, you will need to have a Kindle Video to TV Conversion.

How to Connect a Computer to an HDTV to Watch Videos
Step 1:Connect the HDTV to the computer using a video cable. (The cable you use for this step will depend on the video outputs that your computer has and the video inputs that your HDTV has.) common types of video connections shared by computers and HDTVs include HDMI, DVI, VGA and S-Video.
Step 2: Turn on the HDTV and select the input that you connected the video cable to in step 1. On most HDTVs this is done by pressing the "input" or "source" button either on the remote or on the front of the HDTV. You may see an image of your computer desktop on the HDTV at this point. If you do, skip step 3 and proceed to step 4.
Step 3: Step 3 may vary depending on your computer's operating system. Open the Control Panel from the start menu on your computer and select the "Printers and Other Hardware" shortcut. Select the "See Also" tab on the top of the window, and then click on the "Add Hardware" shortcut. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your HDTV as a second monitor for your computer.
Step 4: Change the resolution on your computer to a resolution that your HDTV supports. To change the resolution, right-click on your computers desktop and select "Personalize." Click on the "Display" option on the bottom left of the window, then select "Adjust Resolution" in the upper left corner of the window. Most support 720p, some also support 1080p.

If you want to watch DVD movies on Kindle Fire, go to DVD to kindle fire Converter Mac; hope to QuickTime MOV on Kindle Fire, go to MOV to Kindle Fire Converter Mac.


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